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What do McLaren say about the SLR?

"The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a car bred from the passion of racing and the knowledge gained from it. It is the perfect synthesis of usability and comfort, tradition and innovation, the past and the future."

"By combining the best of Mercedes-Benz; comfort, safety, reliability; together with the best of McLaren; vehicle packaging, dynamics and innovation the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a truly unique and unrivalled supercar."

What do Innovation Cars say about the SLR?

The McLaren SLR is unlike any car you've ever driven! With every other car of its type (if you can actually compare any other car to the McLaren SLR) you know driving is going to be hard work - but fun. But the SLR's ability to 'Cruise', just like every Mercedes, makes it feel at first like a big SL, but when you unleash that awesome power it turns in an instant into a snarling beast of seemingly limitless power. The handling is truly awe-inspiring, especially for such a heavy car, and its hard to believe that this is a car you could use very day - with creature comforts such as climate control and satnav - but you really could! The brakes take some getting used to - they feel either 'on' or 'off' - but once you've mastered them they inspire even more confidence in the SLR's seemingly endless abilities. The coupe is now only available used (production is now exclusively for the convertible), but we have excellent access to both new convertibles and used coupes. If you can justify it, you should get it!

Check out our gallery page for SLR pictures from one of our recent customer days. And if you want to lease an SLR or buy an SLR then contact us today!

See the Fifth Gear Test Video of the SLR Here

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McLaren SLR - Facts & Figures
 Supercharged 5439cc
 3.8 seconds
Top Speed

Convertible McLaren SLR

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