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McLaren F1 For Sale

McLaren F1 and LM

McLaren F1 - The Ultimate Supercar

What can we say about the Mclaren F1? It is rightfully considered to be the ultimate supercar. Designed by Gordon Murray and coming to the market in 1994 it has risen inexorably in price ever since - the ultimate supercar investment.

But there are many reasons why it is not just a great investment but a great - posiibly the greatest - car you can own. Just 64 road going cars were produced by the McLaren factory, with a further 5 'LM' models. Its rarity is part of the reason why the McLaren F1 is so desirable, but its design and perfomance play a great part.

If you love cars, and are fortunate enough to have pockets deep enough to indulge in one of the greatest cars ever made, Innovation Cars can help.

McLaren F1 For Sale

We've been involved in the sale and purchase of a number of F1s, and we have good relationships with many current F1 owners. Which means if you are a serious potential purchaser we will be able to help. But buying an F1 is unlike most other cars. Our owners are very circumspect about potential purchasers - the world is full of dreamers! So although we'll always be willing to give you basic information about any F1s we have available, you won't get the real detail - beyond year, colour, mileage and price - until we know you're for real.

But if you are for real - and you have the means and desire to own one of the greatest cars in the world and are willing to prove it - we really can help. Just contact us.

McLaren F1 Currently Available

We currently have 3 McLaren F1 owners willing to sell their cars, and one owner of a road-legal McLaren GTR. One of the McLaren F1s available is already road legal in the USA. Contact us for more information.


McLaren F1 - Facts & Figures
 BMW V12 6064 cc
 3.2 seconds
Top Speed

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