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Maybach 62S

Maybach 57 & 57 S - An unashamedly ultimate luxury vehicle, and the only real competition to Rolls Royce, the Maybach is the Mercedes answer to the Phantom. Opt for the hotter 57 S version and every time the chauffeur prods the accelerator the Maybach will rocket to 60mph in 4.9 seconds. Thats a saving of 0.4 seconds.

Maybach 62 & 62 S - The 62 S is unashamedly aimed at the owner that wants his chauffeur to do all the driving and S stands for "Special". The long wheelbase and soft suspension is unchanged from the regular Maybach 62, but performance has been increased even further and the styling has been tweaked to suggest a sportier car.

Maybach 57S

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