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What do Innovation Cars say about the Ferrari F430?

There really is something very special about Ferraris. The history, the looks, the sound. They make you realise you're in the presence of an automotive great.

The Ferrari F430 follows on from the very impressive 360, and it raises the bar to new heights. The 360 had a reputation for 'biting' when pushed, often resulting in some very expensive bent metal (ask Ian Wright!). The F430 changes all that. The handling is impeccable, as is the performance. And, as ever, nothing sounds like a Ferrari in full cry!

What do Innovation Cars say about the Ferrari F430 Spider?

Convertibles are almost always, with few exceptions, pale imitations of the car they are based on. But the Ferrari F430 Spider is a real exception. Yes, there is a slghtly different feel to the car - maybe the tiniest bit less rigid; less planted than its hardtop brother - but really, that's nit-picking. This is an absolutely awesome convertibe, and even if you don't like the idea of 'posing' in an open-topped Ferrari, you'll be dropping the top at every possible opportunity just to listen to that incredible Ferrari noise!

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Ferrari F430 - Facts & Figures
 4.0 seconds
Top Speed
 196 mph

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