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Aston Martin DBS
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Available Early 2008

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What do Innovation Cars say about the Aston Martin DBS?

The Vanquish, even in 'S' guise, was never our favourite Aston Martin. It always felt more 'brittle' than its newer siblings, and was almost overshadowed by its much cheaper, and in our opinion much better sibling, the DB9. Its 'flappy-paddle' gearbox was at best temperamental and at worst downright unusable! Now Aston have addressed this by bringing us James Bond's latest toy for us to play with - the new Aston Martin DBS. Like Daniel Craig this is a new, hard-edged version. Promising more performance than the outgoing Vanquish, this car seems to blend the best of the old Vanquish with the DNA of the DB9. Not surprisingly we haven't got our hands on one yet, but with deliveries due to start in early 2008 we'll be moving heaven and earth to get to play!

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